Surviving Social Distancing; How to Find Joy While Facing COVID-19

This is a different and strange world we are living in. Kids are home from school. Many adults are working from home. Families are stuck at home for days, together. Some, who live alone, are stuck at home alone, for days. We are all questioning, how are we going to get through this.

Everyone has heard how to take care of your physical health. I’m not going to repeat it, but refer you to the loads of information out there. However, I also think it is important to focus on our emotional health. How do you keep from worrying or being anxious? How do you keep from going stir crazy or getting depressed? Here are a few ideas.

  1. Keep active.

Sitting around at home, watching TV and eating is going to make you worry more and feel more depressed. It could also make you put on a few pounds. 😊 So, keep active. Turn the TV off and play a game. Go for a walk in the fresh air. Play a game outside. Work on those projects you haven’t had the time for, but have really wanted to get done. When you stay active, your mind doesn’t have the time to focus on worrying and those great endorphins keep you sane.

  1. Find something new.

While you are keeping active, find a new activity. Maybe a new exercise routine you have been wanting to try. How about a new recipe? You could even get the whole family involved in cooking. You could learn a new craft.  Learn a new language. Again, if the whole family got involved, you could practice on each other and make it into a game. Research something you have wanted to know more about. When we spend time learning something new, it feels exciting and beats those blue blahs.

  1. Socialize while social distancing.

Just because we are social distancing, does not mean we need to stop socializing. Social isolation can increase anxiety and depression. So, pick up the telephone and make a call. Arrange for a virtual party. How about a virtual date? You can choose a movie to watch at the same time your friends do, while being on a video call. Laugh together through the funny parts just as if you were sitting side by side. Texting and emailing are great too. Don’t forget you can always use the old snail mail. How great would you feel if you received a card in the mail while missing being around all your friends? Spread the love.


These are tough times, but we can find a sense of normality within these weeks with a little creativity. Just think of how this opportunity can help you strengthen your relationships, build your coping skills, and make some great memories. Let’s not look back on this time as only being scary and troubling. Years from now, I hope you have some great stories to share about how you found joy in social distancing.


One thought on “Surviving Social Distancing; How to Find Joy While Facing COVID-19”

  1. Judy Jurgensen says:

    Hi Jana Lee👋 Thank you for your great advice and encouraging words! I am so thankful for Skype, Zoom, Marco Polo, FaceTime, etc.. It’s so great to be able to see your loved ones on the screen! With my kiddos being geographically apart, it is a blessing to have these technical options available! I love Lindsie’s posts of the wonderful meals she is preparing during this quarantine❣️ She shared a recipe with me recently via text. We WILL get through this. One final thing I feel led to share is a request for prayer for our loved ones in nursing homes who have been cut off from all visitors! Some are bed ridden, blind and/or deaf so they truly are isolated. So prayers for them to feel God’s love embracing them and with that, His comfort and peace to flow through them. Thank you once again for your sharing!💖

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