The Power of Daily Affirmations

Daily positive affirmations can be powerful. They provide the opportunity to fight against the negative messages we tend to give ourselves on a daily basis. By providing a positive replacement, affirmations can slowly begin to change our thoughts and beliefs. It’s like throwing a stone in the lake and watching the ripples move out larger and larger. Once we believe, it is easier to put it into action and find more positives around us.  Daily affirmations can be used for many purposes:

  • Change a belief about yourself. Often the beliefs we have about ourselves are from messages we have heard in our past. They probably were not ever true, but certainly are not true now. Too often we are negative toward ourselves and more willing to believe the negative. Positive affirmations can change that. If you believe you are powerless, you can learn to take power. If you believe you have no attractive physical qualities, you can learn to see your beauty. If you believe you will never be able to learn a new skill, you will find the fortitude to master anything.
  • Change our perspective. Your perspective toward something or someone else may be keeping you stuck. If you want to change that perspective, a daily positive affirmation can retrain your mind. You can see your boss as driven rather than pushy. You can see your children as exploring rather than getting into everything. You can see your finances as growing rather than never having enough.
  • Create motivation. Motivation can sometimes be hard to find. Motivation comes from high enough rewards, high enough consequences to avoid, having all the necessary materials or support, and accountability. You can create self-accountability by using daily positive affirmations. Telling yourself you will do what you need to do on a daily basis creates a space where you don’t want to let yourself down.
  • Reach your goals. Goals can sometimes seem unreachable. Often the biggest block is our own mindset. You can change your mindset by building yourself up and speaking about your goals as if they are achieved. You then have to make it happen.

There is something about speaking to ourselves with positive present messages that cause our brains to change. When we build ourselves up we can begin to believe it. When we speak positively about our present we open our minds to possibilities we previously dismissed. Here are 7 positive daily affirmations to try that will help reach your goals. Choose one. Speak it out loud to yourself, preferably in the mirror, every day and see what happens.

  1. I can do this!
  2. I am an inspiration to everyone around me.
  3. I have faith in myself and my abilities to do anything.
  4. I am courageous and will not stop until I’m there.
  5. I am resourceful and can use everything around me to my advantage.
  6. I have strong willpower.
  7. I am awesome and have shown that by reaching (your goal).

Let’s all make it happen!


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